Sue is one of those rare things: a PR person that magazines really enjoy dealing with! She knows her market inside out and has an eye for talent which has helped her build one of the most impressive young snowboard teams in the UK. Using a variety of creative concepts – from events to online comps to team videos – she’s also succeeded time and again in gaining editorial coverage for her riders and brand. Sue is living proof that it is possible to raise the profile of a company using your imagination rather than chucking money at the marketing budget.

Ed Blomfield – Editor, Whitelines – Factory Media

Sue has played a key role in helping to re establish Westbeach in the UK, her relationships with the media and grass roots of the British scene are second to non. Having worked with Sue for several year’s her dedication and commitment to the brands she represents is outstanding i am sure Aim will be a huge success and Westbeach is proud to be one of Aim’s first clients.

Fred Royle – CEO – Westbeach Apparel UK Ltd

I met sue in 2007 when I started work with Fall-Line Media. As the marketing manager for Westbeach in the UK, she’s been a joy to work with, being unfailingly upbeat, accessible and professional. She’s always turned around last minute (and unreasonable) requests from our magazine in time for deadline; she’s always kept me informed of the latest news from the Westbeach camp, which guaranteed bettter coverage for her brand; and she never has to be asked twice to do anything.

Rachel Devlin – Senior Editor – Fall-Line Media

I sometimes get the feeling that PRs don’t understand the product they’re promoting, but with Sue you know she knows what she’s talking about. She clearly understands the needs of both client and journalist, and works hard to satisfy both. She’s good at building business relationships, and when it comes to snowsports industry PR and marketing, there can be few people who are more knowledgeable.

Cat Weakley – Deputy Editor – Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine

Sue emanates a blindingly infectious enthusiasm for snowboarding and is passionate about the UK industry. It has always been a pleasure to do business with her both as a feelancer and as the editor at Document Snowboard Magazine; she seems to respond so quickly to email requests that I wonder if she hasn’t hard-wired her laptop directly to her brain.

James Bryant – Freelance Photographer –

Sue has been my team manager for over 3 years now and she has played a huge part in my snowboard career. She always goes out of her way to give me new opportunities, whether its hooking me up with new sponsors to organising and getting funding for trips. Sue will always go out of her way to do more than she has to.

Andy Nudds – Professional Snowboarder

After working with Sue for nearly a year I already know she is amazing at what she does. She is the most organised person you will meet and getting anything done with Sue is the least hassle possible

Will Nangle – Videographer –